• We sync your QuickBooks data nightly
  • Upon your first connection we sync the last 365 days of data. Customers can contact support if they want to get more historical data. 
  • We integrate with the Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows. 

Getting Started

To get started with QuickBooks you'll want to navigate to Metrics -> click the Data Sources Tab -> and click "Connect" on the QuickBooks card. 

One you click Connect you will authenticate to QuickBooks and select which company you want to sync to Visible.

Note: You can sync many QuickBooks companies  to your Visible account. 

Selecting Metrics

Once you select your company you will be presented with a screen and you'll be able to select which metrics you want to sync. 

You'll be able to navigate your headers, sub-headers and accounts. 

Editing Existing 

To edit an existing QuickBooks integration, find the connected card on your data sources tab -> Click the dropdown -> Edit. You'll be able to make any changes and bring in new metrics here. 

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