If you find yourself sending Updates using the same information, data, or charts you might want to create an "Update Template". To do so you will want to start in the "Updates" section. From here you will see a couple of options on the top menu bar; Published, Drafts, and Templates. Select the Templates section and you will be directed to a screen similar to the on one below:

From here you will select "New Update Template" (top right corner shown above) and create an Update with any desired information, data, and charts you would like to replicate when sending out the template for future use. 

Don't worry, you will be able to go in and edit, add, or delete any of the information in your Template when using it for future Updates. We've include an example of a Template below:

Once you have your template ready to rock you will want to select "Save & Exit" or save your template to recur on a specific interval. From here you will be redirected to the Templates screen where you will see a list of the different templates you have created. 

To use your new template for a future Update, simply click the "Use for new update" button next to the desired template and you will then be able to edit your update and send it out as any normal Update. 

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