To export an Update as PDF you will need to start with a published Update. (Note: If you are looking to solely export an Update we recommend sending an email of the Update to yourself first so your Update will be considered "Published")

After you have found the specific Update within your "Published" section you will want to click on the Update's title.

From here, you will see a "Print" icon in the top right corner as shown below:

Click "Print", and your computer's printer settings will appear in a module similar to the one below:

For our example, we will navigate to the "Open PDF in Preview" link on the bottom left as shown above. (Note: your options may look slightly different depending on the computer/software you are using).

After you open your PDF in Preview (or other software your computer might offer) you will then be able to export or save the document as a PDF from Preview/the software your computer offers. 

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