To connect your Google Analytics account you will need to start in the "Data" source section. Once you are in the "Data" section you will need to click the "Data Sources" tab on the top banner as shown below:

Next, you will need to hit "Connect" immediately above the Google Analytics logo as shown above. A window (from Google) will appear asking you to sign-in to the specific Google account and allow Visible to have access:

If you agree for Visible to have offline access, click "Allow". A new window will appear in Visible to configure your setup. First you will need to select the specific Google Analytics account and select the metrics you would like to bring in; shown below.

Currently, we bring in the following metrics from Google Analytics: Users, Pageviews, and Sessions.

Click "Continue" and you will see the active connection in your "Data Sources" section.

From here, your Google Analytics will automatically be brought into Visible on a nightly basis.

We pull in and track data from integrations on a daily basis and automatically display the data as monthly when charting the data.

If you would like to display the data as daily, weekly, quarterly, or annually check out this article

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