Variance reporting will let our customers quickly assign any of their KPIs to a forecasted or budgeted value and with one-click get back a full Variance Report.

We’ll calculate the following in your Variance Report:

  • MTD Variance

  • MTD Variance %

  • YTD Actual

  • YTD Variance

  • YTD Variance %

  • YTD Actual

  • prior yr YTD Actual

  • prior yr YTD Variance

  • prior yr YTD Variance %

To get started, you'll need a metric as well as a forecast or budget metric that goes along with the original metric. E.g. Revenue and Revenue - Forecast. 

From here, you will want to find the actual metric from the "Data" section. Click the metric and the following screen will display:

Click "Variance Report" on the top banner. From here, you'll be asked to assign a budget or forecast metric to compare your actual data to. We also allow you to change the fiscal year when using Variance Reporting. 

Enter your forecast metric, make any necessary changes to the fiscal year, and select which variance metrics you would like to create. 

Click "Create & Save" and your selected metrics will now be created as well as automatically updated.

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