We have recently launched an entirely new Update Editor. We want creating and editing your Updates to be quick and intuitive, so we've added features like universal drag-and-drop, enhanced content blocks, and streamlined file and image uploads.

With Updates you can include and combine any of the following components:

  • Text with rich formatting

  • Images

  • Charts

  • Side-by-side charts

  • Tables

  • Files

  • Line breaksĀ 

Check out the video below for a quick breakdown of our Update Editor:

Adding ComponentsĀ 

By default, every Update will start with a text section. After you type text and click enter you will see the component options display on the right side of the text as shown below:

Click the component you would like to include. The component will be included and you will return back to the text editor.

Arranging Components

You can re-arrange any component using universal drag-and-drop. Simply hover over any component you would like to move, click the icon to the right side, and drag your component where you would like to drop it. You can check out an example below:

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