When adding or editing an investor contact, you'll notice that there are a number of different fields for each individual investor:

The name and contact information is pretty straight forward. As far as investment details go, you can find quick definitions and best practices below:

  • Amount — simply the amount of capital you expect this investor to contribute to your round. This is in whatever currency you set when initially creating your fundraise. 

  • Rating — This is a 1-5 start rating on how you feel towards the relationship and opportunity to close this investor. 

  • Initial Contact — The first contact date you had with the investor

  • Next Follow Up — The date you are expected to follow up with the investor. 

  • Intro — The source for you to track who introduced you to the investor. 

  • Reason for no — A dropdown field to help you determine why an investor said no. You can use this to tailor pitches to other investors and as a reminder when reaching out to this investor in the future. 

  • Notes — Use our rich text editor to leave a series of notes on the right hand panel. 

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