To get started with setting up Salesforce first navigate to Data -> Data Sources in your respective entity. 

From there, click the "Connect" button in the Salesforce card. 

Then you'll want to authenticate and select the Salesforce credentials for the respective Salesforce instance in which you want to retrieve data & metrics

Note: You'll need to have the API enabled permission in Salesforce. This permission is enabled by default, but may have been changed by your administrator. 

Once you are authenticated you'll be able to start building and creating metrics from Salesforce. To start we are launching with the two most popular objects in Salesforce: Leads & Opportunities (if you have an object you'd like data for contact us at

For this example I'll focus on New Closed ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) for one metric and New Leads coming from Trials or Website Captures for the second.

For Opportunities, you'll want to select the Opportunity object and then you'll be able to customize the following for any object: 

  • Metric Name: Whatever you'd like to title the metrics as and have displayed within Visible

  • Date Field: The date of which the amount will be charted. (Note: we will pull the data daily but you can chart daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually)

  • Value Field: The value you want to be summed. If you simply want a count (e.g. New Leads or New Deals just leave it blank and we include a 1 automatically)

  • Filters: The ability to customize the various object with the picklists from the Object. E.g. Deals that are in a particular stage or leads from a various source. You can use the operators and or or for any of the filters if you have more than one filter.

In my New Closed Won ARR I'll select the Close Date for the field and the Amount for ARR. I'll want to make sure my stage in Closed Won as I wont to exclude any deals not yet won. 

I also want to just count New Business for this metric and not upsells for new accounts so I'm selecting the Opportunity Type as New Business combined with the rule AND

To create a new metric simply click + Add Metric to create another metric.

For my lead example I want New leads from a particular set of sources so I'll select the Create Date for the Date Field and leave value blank as it is simply a count. 

I'll then add some filters so that the source can be either a Website Capture OR from a trial. I'll want to make sure to select the OR rule. 

Click Continue and we'll grab all of the historical data from the Salesforce instance and grab the new data every night. 

Known Beta Issues

  • We do not look into future dates and grab that respective data. E.g. if you want a Sum of Opportunities in the Proposal stage and want to show a close date of Q2 2020 you will not be able to display that. We are currently working on this! 

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