Contact Lists are great for building audiences for your different updates. They allow you to send updates to different groups of people all without having to invite them to Visible. 

To get started building your contact lists you will want to start in the "Contacts" section of your entity, as shown below:

From here, you will want to click the blue downward arrow next to the "New Contact" button in the top right corner as shown above. After you click the arrow, choose Manage lists, as shown above.

From here, you will be prompted with a window, where you will choose + Add a list at the bottom right.

From here, you can name your list whatever you would like or choose from the four examples. Then, click Create contact list when finished.

To start adding contacts to your list, you can either add one contact or add several at one time. To add just one, select the blue New contact button in the top right of the Contacts tab, as shown below.

Now, you will be able to enter in contact information in. To assign the person to your list, click on the Type to search or create a new list and you can either type or select the preferred list, as shown below. When finished, click the blue Create contact button.

Too add multiple contacts at once, return to the Contacts tab and click the blue downward arrow next to the "New Contact" button again, and select Add multiple contacts, as shown below.

Note: Separate multiple emails with a comma or new line. Format it as John Doe <> to include first/last names (this format is shown above).

You can always add new members to your list! Now that your list is ready to go you will be able to type in the list name in the email field when sharing Updates or Dashboards and it will automatically share with the users in the list. 

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