Arranging the metrics in your chart allows you to better depict your data and create insights. Below are the quick steps to show you how to arrange your metrics in your charts. 

To start you will want to click the settings gear to the top right of the chart you would like to edit. From here you will want to select "Edit" as shown below:

After you click "Edit" a window will appear on the right side of you screen like the one below. You will initially be directed to the "Metrics" section where you can add, remove, or change the color, change metric frequency, and rearrange the metrics in the chart. Your chart preview will be displayed on the left side of the screen and will update as you make changes.

To change the position of your charts (for Column, Bar, and Table), simply hover over a metric, click and drag the metric to the position you want the metric to show in the chart.

The chart arranges the metrics from Top-to-Bottom and from Right-to-Left. 

Make sure to 'Save' you chart before closing the editor. 

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