To share a dashboard, you'll first select the respective dashboard you want to share. At the top right, you will see a button that says 'Share', click on that to bring up the sharing options.

Share by Email

When sharing by email, you can enter individual emails or select a Contact List. This will send an email to the user letting them know the dashboard was shared with them. This will also require the user to set a password. This is the most secure way to share a dashboard.

Here is an example of what the email will look like

Users can have multiple dashboards shared with them by email. They will only be able to see the dashboards you have specifically shared.

Share a Public Link

If you wish to share a dashboard in which anyone with the link can view select the "Share by link" option on the sharing window.

You'll be able to toggle the link sharing on. You'll also be able to require and set a password that the viewer must enter before viewing.

We'll also provide an HTML code snippet you can use to embed in other places. Note: you cannot use a password if embedding a shared dashboard elsewhere.

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