With our Xero integration you'll be able to automatically pull in your data from Xero and track, share and visualize it with your stakeholders. Check out the tutorial video below followed by step by step instructions. 

1) To get started, select the respective entity profile you wish to connect with your Xero account. 

2) Next you'll want to click the "Metrics" section on the left side navigation.

3) From here, click the "New Data Source" button on the left side navigation. 

4) Click "Connect" next to Xero. 

5) After you've authenticated your Xero account you'll be redirected to Visible where we will load your Xero information and display the metrics you are able to pull. 

6) Congrats! Your metrics are now in Visible and we will automatically pull in new data nightly! At anytime you can always reference your Xero data in the Metrics section in the "Xero" category. 

7) You'll now be able to display and visualize your Xero data in your dashboards. If you need help with that refer to this handy article: How do I create a chart? 

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