To get started you'll first want to make sure you have metrics created in Visible that would like to push data to from Visible (Note: For a metric to work with Zapier's API the frequency must be set as "Daily"). Reference this article if you need some help creating metrics. 

Next you'll want to head over and sign into your Zapier account & create a new zap. For this example I want to pass Closed Won data from my CRM (specifically Base for this article)

Once you have your trigger app set up and tested you'll want to select the action app for Visible. 

Our current action is to either Add Value to Metric or Create Data Point. For the purpose of this article we will focus on Add Value to Metric.

(If you are looking to understand the more advanced Create Data Point reference this article:

From here you'll authenticate (we use OAuth so Zapier does not store your Visible login or password) and sign into your Visible. You'll grant Zapier the ability to read and write to metrics in your Visible account. 

Once you return to Zapier you'll be able to create your template. If the trigger you are using has a date field you can pass that into Visible or if you leave blank then the default will be the date the event was triggered. 

For the metric value there is a default of 1.0 assigned (this is great for counting) or you can also pass along a value from your trigger. E.g. Amount from your CRM. 


Once you run the test you'll get a success message similar to this:

Please send any questions to and we'll make sure to help in anyway! We've also put together this quick tutorial video!

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