To start, you click on the plus button next to Requests on the left panel, as shown below.

Then, you may customize your request title and select which companies you want to send the request to. You can only send a request to a company if you have an email for that company. An example of the portfolio company selector is shown below.

You are able to send a request to these highlighted companies below because they have emails attached.

Click the Next button, as shown below.

As shown below, click Next after customizing scheduling.

Here, you can add Text fields, Metrics, Files, Yes/No questions, and Dates to be requested. Below is an example of requesting Metrics of Financial KPIs. Then, you will click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Here, you will see an Overview on the request you have created. Once ready, you can hit the Schedule button at the bottom to finalize your request, as shown below.

Finally, click Done and you are finished. You may now look over your finalized request. 

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