To connect to Google Sheets you will want to click the "Metrics" tab on the lefthand side navigation. Next, click the "New Data Source" section.

Next, you will want to find the Google Sheets icon and click the "Connect" button. After you click "Connect" a window from Google will display asking you to sign-in and verify access for Visible as shown below:

If you would like to allow Visible to have offline access, click "Allow". Next, you will be able to connect your Google Sheet in Visible. Before, we do so there are a few rules and tips to follow before that you connect your sheet (you can view an example sheet here).

Note: If you have dates running vertically you can "Copy"-->"Paste Transpose" the data into the correct format. 

We accept a number of different date options; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual. Below are the formats we find suggest:

Note: After the Sheet is connected in Visible the connection will break if you add rows/metrics in-between existing metrics. However, you can add new metrics to the bottom of your sheet at any time as long as the existing format is not changed. 

Below is a full example of a properly formatted Google Sheet:

Once you have your sheet formatted correctly you will be able to setup the connection within Visible. Now that you have verified your account we will display a list of the spreadsheets you have access to.

Select the sheet followed by the correct individual tab you would like to bring into Visible as shown below:

Once you have the correct Sheet/tab selected to bring into Visible you will need to assign the date row and metric column. 

The Dates - Row is simply the row in which your dates are displayed. For the example screenshot below our Dates - Row is 1:

The Metrics - Column is simply column in which your metric names are listed. The Metric - Column for the example below is "A":

Once you have your date and rows properly set click "Continue". Your Google Sheet should now be connected.

If you are having issues feel free to send us a message using the messenger in the bottom right corner of this screen or shoot us an email at

*May 5th, 2017 Update: We currently limit the number of metrics you can bring in per sheet to 200 metrics for performance and speed reasons. 

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