Google's API only returns us with numbers of cells and not formats. e.g 22.45% is sent to us as .2245.

This article helps you transform any numbers to show them as %s in Visible. 

To start, you will need to take a look at the % metrics in your Google Sheet. In our example below we are calculating "Payroll as % of Expenses". 

In the highlighted cell, you will notice that the metric is being displayed as a % and the number appears correct. However, when displaying as a % the decimal is automatically shifted and the number is actually ".8667". Because we cannot decipher units, the data will be brought in as .8667 even though it is displayed as 88.67%.

To fix this, simply change the display to an actual number and times the formula by 100 to bring in the actual number as shown below:

From there, when you bring the data in to Visible you can format it as a % in the metric settings and it will show as a % in Visible similar to Google Sheets. 

If you wish to leave your data unchanged in Google Sheets you can also transform it using our Formula Builder. Simply take the Google Sheet Metric * 100 and format as a percent!

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