Sometimes, an account is started under an email address that you would like to change. Perhaps you've chosen a new company name, or you've created your Visible account with a personal email. The primary email address on your account can be changed by following one of 2 processes:

1) You can add a new email as a secondary email in your account, then change it to your primary email after confirming it. To do this, you can head to your account settings by clicking on the upward pointing arrow beneath 'Settings & Users' in the bottom left corner of the app. Next, select 'My Account' and head to 'Email addresses' > 'Add a secondary email. Finally, you can enter the email you'd like to add. Once the email has been confirmed, you'll be able to switch it to your account's primary email.

2) You could also invite the new primary email as an admin on the account by heading to Settings & Users > Invite, and inviting the new email as an 'Admin' on the account. This will make the new email a primary address on the account by default.

As always, if you have any questions about this process, you can reach us in the bottom right hand corner of the app, or via email at

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