For each metric you track in Visible we automatically calculate twelve additional insights that you can use in charts, tables & formulas.

  • Change % (growth between periods)

  • Previous period change (absolute value change between periods)

  • Pervious year

  • Yearly change %

  • 3 period rolling avg.

  • 6 period rolling avg.

  • 12 period rolling avg.

  • Trailing 3 periods

  • Trailing 4 periods

  • Trailing 6 periods

  • Trailing 12 periods

  • Cumulative Total


To add a metric insight to a chart, create or edit an existing chart. Then click down on the metric. You'll be able to select your desired insight.

Renaming an insight

To rename an insights just click the pencil icon, rename the insight and click the check mark (note: this only renames the insight for the given chart/table)

Chart on separate axis or show only in the tooltip

For each insight, you have the option to chart on a separate axis or only show in the tool tip hover.


Insights can be used in any table and will be added a sub-row to the primary metric.


Any insight can also be used in any metrics that a part of a formula.

See a hyper quick demo video below!

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