Visible is designed so that companies *do not* have to create an account with Visible to be able to share easily data with an Investor. However, you may decide to grant your companies access to their free Lite accounts with to unlock startup-specific perks.

Here are some reasons you may want to invite your companies to connect with you on Visible:

  1. You want to give your companies free access to the Visible for Companies Lite Plan so they have access to features like Updates, Pitch Deck Sharing, Fundraising CRM and Dashboards.

  2. You want your companies to be able to sync their metrics and seamlessly share data with you.

  3. You want to collaborate on metrics, charts, and dashboards with your companies.

  4. Companies want to be able to save progress as they go when completing Requests.

Note: If you invite a company to connect with your investor account, and that company already has an account with Visible, that company will *not* automatically be moved to the free Lite plan. Visible will need to manually change the company plan. Please get in touch with your Visible point of contact if you want to grant free access to a company that is already using Visible.

How to Invite Your Companies to Visible

First, navigate to the Portfolio section to the top left side

Then, select the company you want to invite to Visible.

From within a company's profile, navigate to the top left and select Invite to Visible.

Ensure the contact details are correct and send the invite!

Here's what the invite looks like from the company's perspective --

Your companies may also qualify for 90% off for 6 months on any of our plans. Get in touch with your Visible point of contact to learn more.

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