Visible is designed so that companies do not have to create an account to respond to investor Requests. This no-friction option is great for investors and founders who want the most straightforward approach to their reporting process.

Tip: This approach gets the best response rates.

However, it can make sense to invite your companies to Visible for the following reasons --

  1. You want to give your companies free access to the Visible for Companies Lite Plan.

  2. You want to collaborate on metrics, charts, and dashboards with your companies.

  3. Your companies want to keep better track of Received Requests.

  4. Your companies want to collaborate with other team members to complete Requests.

  5. Companies want to be able to save progress on Requests.

Note: We discourage investors from sending companies Requests that take more than 3-5 minutes to complete but understand that sometimes this is necessary and giving the ability to save progress as they go can be helpful.

How to Invite Your Companies to Visible

First, navigate to the Portfolio section to the top left side

Then, select the company you want to invite to Visible.

From within a company's profile, navigate to the top left and select Invite to Visible.

Ensure the contact details are correct and send the invite!

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