Segments let you quickly filter and view your portfolio companies in Visible.

Segments are used to display only certain companies in your investment overview and reports section. Segments can also be used to select and assign only certain companies when you're building a request, assigning metrics, or creating tear sheets.

Below you can watch a video or scroll down to the next section to view step-by-step instructions.

[Video] Creating Segments

[Step-by-step] Creating Segments

Make sure you navigate to your portfolio section and then click the Filter button.

You'll then be able to search and apply filters for any of your custom properties you have created for your portfolio.

In the example below I am filtering to show all of my companies located in Europe. You can add multiple filters and then click Save segment.

You'll be able to title your segment or if you are editing a segment, updating the changes to the currently selected one.

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