Note: Up to 200 contacts may be uploaded at once.

Getting Started

To upload multiple contacts via a .csv file you'll first need to head to Contacts in your sidebar navigation.

If you already have contacts click the three dot ellipses and then "Import contacts from CSV"

If you do not have any contacts yet your blank state will look as follows. Just click the "Import from CSV" button.

Uploading Contacts

Once you start the import, you can drag and drop a CSV onto the modal or select a file using your finder.

You'll need to make sure the first row of your CSV is a header with the respective titles of the columns.

Once you have select the file and click "Continue", you'll have a chance to map your headers to the contact fields in Visible as well as make any changes or updates to the respective info from your contacts.

If your upload has an error, we will let you know which row and either allow you to make any changes or continue without uploading the invalid rows.


If you need a hand with the CSV template, you can download an example here.

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