Creating a Number Widget

To use the number widget you will first want to create a chart and then in the options tab select "Number" as shown in the screenshot below.

Tip: You can change the arrow color depending on the type of metric. E.g. if an increase is a negative outcome.

Using Insights

Once you have the number widget selected, you can head over to the metrics selection to add various insights to your widget. You can select up to five insights for a widget.

Dates & Frequencies

Number widgets need their metrics to have an associated date. If you wish to chart Acme KPI but it does not have an associate date, we recommend just using the current year.

If you change the display period we will automatically roll the data up for you. e.g. if you have a quarterly metric with Revenue of $10, $20, $20 and $50 for the quarters and select annually we will display a value of $100. If the metric is a balance (e.g. Cash on Hand) and it should not be summed, you change the aggregation to Last Value.

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