To get started with sharing your pitch deck in Visible, click the "Decks" section in the lefthand side navigation as shown below:

From here, we will show you the documents you can upload from your computer. As a note, make sure your deck is a PDF. Any tool to create a pitch deck will allow you to download the document as a PDF

Click "Open," and we will upload your deck.

You'll be able to select a few deck sharing settings (shown above):

  • Enable Downloading — This allows anyone on the viewing end of a deck to download the document. We will show this in analytics.

  • Require email to view — This will require anyone viewing your deck to enter in their email address

  • Password protection — Create a custom password to keep your deck protected

  • Email notifications — Toggle on to receive email notifications whenever someone views your deck

Click "Create" and you will be ready to share your deck via link:

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