To get started first navigate to "Metrics" section in your company. Next, click the "New Data Source" tab as shown below:

Click "Connect" next to the Chartmogul integration as shown above. Go to to get your Account Token and Secret Key. 

Enter your respective Account Token & Secret Key in the modal on Visible and then click Continue. 

With our initial version with ChartMogul you'll be able to get:
 - Monthly Recurring Revenue
 - Annual Recurring Revenue
 - Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
 - Average Sale Price (ASP)
 - Total Customer
 - Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
 - MRR Churn Rate
 - Customer Churn Rate

We're working with ChartMogul to bring in even more. Once you select the metrics you want just click Continue. We will get all of the historical data from the account and refresh it every night.

With some metrics like MRR and Total Customers we default it for chart to show the Last value for a particular reporting period. E.g. if MRR was $1000 on January 30th and $1,100 on January 31st and you were charting the data monthly, we would show $1,100 for MRR for January and not add together MRR values. 

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