This is a supplemental article to how to setup your Zapier integration which you can read here:

If you wish to have a data point replaced instead of incremented then use the "Create Data Point" selection when setting up your Visible template in Zapier.

The "Create Data Point" option will create or replace a data point for a particular day. E.g. if you were sending "Active Users" to Zapier & Visible every 4 hours then you would want to use "Create Data Point". 

E.g. On Jan 1 if you sent 1,500 Active users and then to end the evening on Jan 1 it was 1,750 it would be 1,750 when selecting Create Data Point. If you selected Add Value to Metric then it would be 3,250 (1,500+1750). 

If you have transactional data then using "Add Value to Metric" would be the right choice. E.g. New Users. Each time a new user signs up it will add +1 to the metric.

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