If you are looking to add a metric and data directly into Visible you want to start in the "Metrics" section. From here, you will need to click the "+ New Metric" button in the top right corner as shown below:

After you click "+ New Metric" we will allow you to edit the settings for your new metric. You will be able to customize the following:

  • Metric Name

  • Categorize your metric

  • Add a description

  • Change the Unit & Format - Number, percent, currency, etc.

  • Change the Frequency - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually¬†

Click "Save" and you will be directed to a blank spreadsheet where you can enter in your data as shown below (you can enter the data in individual cells or copy & paste in any historical data):

Once you have your data entered in Visible - the metric will be ready to pull through and chart in both Dashboards and Updates. 

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