To get started building your formula, first, navigate to your Metrics section at the bottom left, --> All Metrics --> New Data Source button as shown below:

Then, select the "Create" button next to Formula.

The first step will be titling the metric and formatting what type of metric you'd like it to be. Metrics can be formatted as: 

  • Numbers

  • Currency

  • Percents

You'll also select the frequency you'd like to chart and report for the formula. 

Next, you can start building your formula. You can select any of your metrics or enter a number in as well.
Note: We'll show you a preview of the formula in the bottom footer! 

From there you can select the first operator for the metric.  We support your standard four operators: (multiple, divide, subtract and sum). 

In this example, I'm going to add in additional $1,000 to be totalled for my Customer Acquisition cost so I'll sum my Sales & Marketing Expense and add an additional 1,000. 

If you want to create an order of operations you'll click the "+" in the 2nd row to start a new set of operations to be performed. 

Lastly, for this example. I'm just going to divide by New Customers to get my CAC. You are more than welcome to keep going! 

Q: What if I'm creating a formula that has metrics with different frequencies?
A: Depending on your frequency selection we will automatically transform the data for you. E.g if you have daily data & monthly data in a formula we will automatically sum that daily data for you. Booya! 

Q: What happens as my metrics get new data?
A: Great question! We'll automatically update your formulas the new values for you. 

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