Welcome to Visible Support! In this post we will be taking a look at creating and leveraging Funnel Charts. 

Funnel charts are most widely used to show progression as you pass from one phase to the next. Most commonly when evaluating a sales and marketing pipeline or funnel. 

For this example we will be creating a sales funnel and will assume the data is entered and ready to go in Visible - likely from one of our CRM integrations

To get started - you will want to navigate to the dashboard/Update where you would like the funnel chart to live. Next, click "Create chart". From here you will want to add the appropriate metrics to your funnel as shown below:

Keep in mind you will want to add/arrange the metrics in which they pass from stage to stage. For this example having Subscribers/Visitors as the top of the funnel and Customers as the end goal/bottom of the funnel.

Next, you will want to navigate to the "Options" tab and select "Funnel" as the chart Type as shown below:

Click "Save", and your funnel chart will be good to go. You can check out our example Sales Funnel below:

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